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Disinfect & Decontaminate Your Facility Disinfection Services

High usage facilities are under ever increasing pressure in the fight against highly contagious infections, striving to ensure the best possible protection for clients and professionals working in close proximity. Bio Decontamination Services are ideally suited to facilities requirements for rapid, flexible and safe bio decontamination and can provide disinfection and decontamination of play centers, classrooms, canteens, offices, entire schools and equipment.

Decontamination and disinfection is rapid, ensuring minimum disruption to any office, facility or school. For example, a single classroom can be decontaminated in 10 minutes, an entire school can be disinfected and decontaminated overnight. The disinfection, decontamination process is safe, no toxic fumes, no hazardous chemicals, no sealing of the room is necessary.

Eradicating all infectious microorganisms and deployed as part of a routine disinfection program, electrostatic spraying technology coupled with Microbecide® PCO Coating provides you powerful advantages.

Powerful Advantages

Tick Mark  Kills — Bacteria, Virus and Fungus
Tick Mark  Robust, broad spectrum antimicrobial
Tick Mark  Destroys germs in 30 seconds
Tick Mark  Provides residual protection for up to 12 months
Tick Mark  Eradicates Coxsackie A 16 (HFMD) virus
Tick Mark  Eradicates Enterovirus 71 (HFMD) virus
Tick Mark  Eradicates avian influenza A (H5N1) virus
Tick Mark  Eradicates Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)
Tick Mark  Eradicates resistant bacteria such as MRSA and VRE
Tick Mark  Safe for use on children´s toys and play areas
Tick Mark   Safe for use in restaurants, homes, medical facilities, institutions, day care facilities
Tick Mark  Non Flammable
Tick Mark  Hypoallergenic
Tick Mark  Disinfects without bleaching
Tick Mark  Lowest toxicity rating available
Tick Mark  No harsh chemical smell
Tick Mark  Environmentally friendly

Microbecide® PCO technology provides proven biological efficacy against a wide range of contagious pathogens. Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Clostridium difficile, vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE), Acinetobacter baumannii, and Coxsackie A 16 (Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease). Microbecide® PCO Coating creates an active surface barrier that protects the room / facility against recontamination for up to 12 months after inital disinfection.

Microbecide® electrostatic sprayers provide an efficient system to quickly decontaminate and disinfect large areas, difficult to reach spaces, or high-traffic areas that require frequent treatment. The result is reduced manpower costs and simultaneously improved coverage, reducing the threat of disease-causing microorganisms.

Electrostatic spraying technology pentrates difficult to reach areas ensuring uniform bio-decontamination. Microbecide® electrostatic sprayers provide superior spray coverage by more effectively dispensing solutions than conventional sprayers; tests have demonstrated a 4-10 times better coverage.

Microbecide® electrostatic sprayers produce highly charged spray droplets. This electrostatic charging results in spray droplets that have a force of attraction of 75 times that of gravity. This means droplets will reverse direction and move upwards, against gravity, to coat hidden surfaces, and wrap around objects resulting in complete, even coverage of the target.

There is no need to worry about training or on site management of the decontamination process. The service can be carried out by a team of highly trained operators. The service is infinitely scaleable. Any room / building / entire school can be decontaminated to the highest standard with verification and a fully documented service. Depending on your decontamination requirement, response can be in these modes.

Disinfection Services

· Deployed – A team of fully trained and equipped operators assigned full time to a specific facility, establishing a routine of bio-decontamination throughout the facility.

· Scheduled – Programmed bio-decontamination during evening hours, weekends, public holidays, scheduled closure.

· Emergency – Urgent action is demanded for outbreak and Infection control (e.g. HFMD, Enterovirus, MRSA, Norovirus).

To request a demonstration, get a quotation or discuss your requirements contact us at +601 9311 1101 or contact a Microbecide® Partner in your region today!

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How Long Does It Take?

A full treatment of a predetermined area can be completed within two to four hours or one evening and reoccupied by the following morning with no disruption.

What Is The Process?

The process is three-fold.

  1. Audit the area to be treated, identify size, scope, and primary touch points.
  2. Wipe down and clean the target areas in the facility using certified antimicrobial disinfectant.
  3. Disinfect and protect the entire space using an electrostatic sprayer to coat all surfaces.

What Is A Primary Touch Point?

Primary touch points are high usage surfaces such as door handles, light switches, floors, tables, chairs, bookshelves, desk tops, stairway handrails, elevator buttons, telephones, keyboards, restroom flush and door handles, dispensers and other areas which are easily accessible.

How Long Does It Last?

Microbecide® PCO Sealant provides a long lasting, sealed titanium shell which creates a protective "active surface" for up to 90 days on primary touch points and up to one year on low traffic surfaces.

To request a demonstration, get a quotation or discuss your requirements contact us at +601 9311 1101 or contact a Microbecide® Partner in your region today!

  United States   Singapore   Malaysia   Indonesia   Hong Kong   Europe   China