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Microbecide® TC-320 Electrostatic Sprayer

How It Works

The Microbecide® TC-320 is the result of over two years of development working with Microbecide® Partners and customers to address the unique needs found in applying Photo Catalytic Oxidation (PCO) agents such as Titanium Dixoide (Ti02), Silica Dioxide (SiO2) and Silver Ion (Ag+) water based nano coatings.

Our Partners and customers apply a variety of water based nano coatings and antimicrobial coatings using Microbecide® electrostatic sprayer systems. Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) and Microbecide® Silver Ion Spray (Ag+) water–based coatings are the most often applied.

   Technical Details

  • Electrostatic Technology
  • Pneumatic Atomization
  • Droplet Size 30 - 60 VMD
  • Negative Polarity Electrostatic Charge
  • Flow Rate Variable By Operator
  • Flow Gauge Readily Viewable
  • Spray Range Up to 3m
  • Spray Over Head
  • Pressurized Air Line
  • Pressurized Liquid Line
  • Hose Length 10m
  • Tank Capacity Unlimited
  • Tank Pressure Not Required
  • Tank Drain Not Required
  • Quick Flush Clean Up
  • Air/Liquid Connectors Chromed - Thumb Push
  • Spraygun Components Stainless Steel
  • Heavy-Duty Exhaust System
  • Weight 27 kg
  • Dimensions 56cmX41cmX32cm
  • Configuration Two Wheeled Suitcase
  • Enclosure RoHS Compliant
  • Operating Voltage/Hz 220VAC/50Hz (Optional 110VAC/60Hz, 24VDC)
  • Limited One (1) Year Warranty
TC-320 Electrostatic Sprayer System

Powerful, compact and quiet, the Microbecide® TC-320 electrostatic sprayer is optimized for water based coatings, designed for continuous operation and engineered specifically for spraying Microbecide® Photo Catalytic Oxidation (PCO) coatings. The flow rate of coating liquid is operator adjustable. The large, readily viewable flow gauge is panel mounted in the case. Delivering a spray range of over three meters, the TC-320 is simple to operate and easy to move about. The TC-320 quickly increases operator productivity and significantly reduces application costs.

Operating Enviornment

The operating environment of Microbecide® electrostatic sprayers may range from a hot, humid, unfinished building or office to the subdued, air conditioned elegance of a hotel lobby or a busy, crowded medical clinic. In work areas such as a hotel lobby, medical clinic or busy office, requirements for the sprayer to be quiet, unobtrusive, small and easy to move about are paramount.

Operational Needs

Microbecide® Partners and customers operational needs of an electrostatic sprayer are much more rigorous than for a general purpose sprayer.

The electrostatic sprayer is often operated continuously for eight to ten hours a day on a job. The proper amount of coating material being applied is critical. Aqueous nano coatings are expensive, waste and overspray are crucial factors. PCO coatings are oxidizing agents and place the most demanding needs on Microbecide® electrostatic sprayer systems. If TiO2 coating liquid is allowed to form into a droplet and drop onto a surface, such as the parquet floor of a hotel lobby, the drop can quickly crystallize and become rock hard.

The electrostatic sprayer must be capable of applying a specific amount of coating liquid not only to floors and walls, but also to overhead ceilings, window tops and the upper area of walls. Clean up must be quick, efficient and thorough.

Operational needs of an electrostatic sprayer for applying water based PCO coatings are:

  • The sprayer needs to be highly corrosion resistant
  • The sprayer needs to be self contained
  • The sprayer needs to be easy to move about
  • The sprayer needs to be capable of being operated by a single operator
  • The sprayer needs to be small, easily handled by one person
  • The sprayer needs to weigh no more than one person can easily lift
  • The sprayer needs to be capable of continuous operation in hot, humid conditions
  • The spray range of the sprayer needs to be 3 meters or greater
  • The sprayer needs to be capable of spraying overhead
  • The coating liquid rate of flow needs to be adjustable by the operator while operating
  • The coating liquid rate of flow needs to be visibly indicated to the operator while operating
  • Unused coating liquid needs to be recoverable
  • Coating materials need to be isolated from the sprayer to prevent contamination
  • Dripping of coating material needs to be minimized
  • Clean up and daily maintenance of sprayer need to be quick, easy and thorough
  • The spraygun needs to be small, light and easy to handle
  • Maintenance, spare parts and support for the sprayer need to be readily available in the region (i.e. Asia)
  • The sprayer needs to be easily transportable, such as checked baggage
  • The sprayer needs to be unobtrusive and inconspicuous when taken into airports, hotels and hospitals

TC-320 Specifications

The TC-320 electrostatic sprayer connects directly to a liquid coating container through an O-ring sealed, thumb-push, quick disconnect connector.  The TC-320 incorporates a quiet, smooth operating, pump to deliver a consistent flow of coating liquid directly from any size liquid container to the spraygun. The sprayer utilizes an internal pump to transfer the coating liquid from a container and to pressurize the liquid line. The container should be positioned not more than one meter from the sprayer, there is practically no limit on the size of the container. This eliminates transferring the coating liquid to a tank, possibly introducing contaminates, and allows the unused coating material to remain clean and uncontaminated in the original container.

Constant pressure is applied by the pump to the spray (liquid) output line, similar to the pressure applied to the water line in your home. The pressurized liquid line insures a constant and consistent liquid flow through the sprayer hose to the spraygun, even when the spraygun is lifted overhead to spray ceilings, high window tops and the upper portion of walls.

The TC-320 allows the operator to accurately control the rate of flow of coating liquid delivered to the spraygun. The flow control valve allows the operator to adjust the amount of coating material being applied while in operation. Just as you can vary the rate of flow of water in your home by adjusting the water tap in your bathroom, the TC-320 operator can vary the rate of flow of coating material to the spraygun by adjusting the flow valve.

The operator can adjust the amount of material applied per square meter, or adjust the rate of flow to achieve the desired square meters covered per litre of material.  Go here to learn How To Set The Flow Rate.

Coating liquid is drawn directly from the coating container and pumped to the TC-320 spraygun. When the operator disconnects from the coating container, clean, unused coating material remains in the container, available for the next job.

Clean up is thorough, quick and easy. Chrome plated, thumb push, quick connectors allow the operator to easily disconnect from the coating container and reconnect to a flush container filled with water or liquid cleaner.

The operator needs only to apply power to the TC-320 and fully open the flow valve to thoroughly flush out the pump, hose and spraygun. Clogs, chokes and blockages are no longer a problem with the TC-320 electrostatic sprayer system.

The corded model TC-320 plugs into a standard 220VAC electrical power outlet (110VAC, optional). The cordless model TC-320 does not require an electrical connection. The self-contained, internal air compressor is compact and powerful. The compressor provides increased air flow volume, extending the spray range and reducing the formation of droplets at the spraygun.

The enclosure hardware and integral components of the TC-320 are constructed of stainless steel. The TC-320 liquid and air connectors on the case are chrome plated, O-ring sealed, thumb-push connectors, for greater corrosion resistance.

Grounding straps of the air and liquid lines of the TC-320 further enhance the electrostatic charge of the liquid spray. A heavy-duty, high volume exhaust system is incorporated into the case to ensure continuous operation even in warm, humid environments.

The TC-320 is small, inconspicuous and easy to move about. The case is two-wheeled, with stainless steel bearings and a retractable extension handle. The RoHS compliant case is non-conductive and highly chemical resistant. The circuit breaker protected, on⁄off switch is mounted at the side of the case, for easy operator access. The TC-320 dimensions are 56cm X 41cm X 25cm, the TC-320 weighs in at 27 kg.

With thorough flushing of the pump, hose and spraygun after each use, frequent cleaning of the spraygun and occasional application of silicon grease to the hose and spraygun connectors, clogs and blockages are no longer a problem.

Services, Partners, Warranty Support

A full stock of parts is maintained and world wide technical support to our Partners and customers for Microbecide® electrostatic sprayers are provided from our manufacturing plant in Singapore. Microbecide® Partners provide world wide sales, training and operational support for Microbecide® Electrostatic Sprayers and PCO Coatings.

To request a demonstration, get a quotation or discuss your requirements contact us at +63 945 523 8231 – or contact a Microbecide® Partner in your region today!

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